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World First #299 kph MT-10 - The Real Top Speed | First Yamaha MT-10 299 ODO

I think its the first Yamaha MT-10 doing 299 km/h ODO top speed .

My Goal was to hit the 299 mark on this naked bike, its not the real speed but its close.

Change the gearing and some tune.

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Hero 4 Black
Hero 4 Session
Hero 7 Black
Hero 6
Zoom H1n Mic

Gopro Acessories:

heff520 : I didn't get an FZ-10 for the top speed. I got it foe the torque and acceleration. Changing that gearing would take that away.
Brandon Anger : Not to brag but i do the same on my honda grom
Souvik Paul : How much horsepower do your bike have??
Marvin Boris : 185.7 Miles top speed
Phong Bui : Oh nooooooo
ιzσσ : God riding it's horse
Taha Maqsood : The bike you're riding on is stock or not?
Eduardo Jorge Pereira : Até doí!!
K espectáculo.
Sultqn : What tunes did you add?
Jacob Embrey : Aftermarket upgrades? Cause I assume this ain’t stock lol

NOOB Rides 1000cc Motorcycle for First Time!!! || MT-10

Helmet Chin Mounts \u0026 LCD Flip Kits:

NOOB Rides 1000cc Motorcycle for First Time!!! || Yamaha MT-10

Just picked up my new bike 2018 Yamaha MT-10 / FZ-10. In this video I give you my first impressions of the bike and the shear power it provides. Some likes and dislikes are also featured in this first ride, but in no way is this a review. This was my very first time ever riding a 1000cc motorcycle/motorbike.

Camera Gear:
Main Camera:
Mini Tripod:

Motovlog Gear:
Camera Mounts:
Hero 4 Camera:
Hero 4 Microphone Adapter:
Hero 4 Skeleton Case:

Motorcycle Gear:
Normal Temp Jacket:
Hot Temp Jacket:


Business Email:\r
Hope you enjoyed this video. Have a nice day!\r
Thank You!
DE De : Can someone tell me is a 500cc fast or slow
ed alcaide : Good thing you mention the steering stabilizer, didn't expect that when I got mine also, but its really a big plus on high speed specially on this very agile bike.
white lightning : Was considering the mt 09 but since this has cruise as standard that will come in handy on my 600+ mile rides I plan to take it on.
T ᑎᗩTIOᑎ : This is the first person i saw who gets hyped just cuz he’s doing 60 mph (100 kmph)
kiwihaze : What a step up in bike. I love that you bought it with the upgrades before you even rode it
ItsMeEricB : Nice bike man! I am wanting an MT—10 myself! I rode one and fell in love with the sound and how it rides. Overall more fun to ride than my GSXR 1000 on the street.
Topshelf Junior : That bike switches gears without the clutch ?!
submissions72 : I have the MT09 I'm just going to wait for the turbo version
Klab : I kinda want to die on that motorcycle. I don't want to die on my tiny 125! I want to die hard and fast not slow and painfully
Slang Blades : @6:00 you couldve got hit and it would have been your fault for cutting that suv off short notice

Mt 10Sp Pure Sound Akrapovic


Après une longue absence, me voici de retour,

À très bientôt et n'oublier pas de commenter, de vous abonner et de mettre un pouce qui wheel vers le haut

Ride safe


Nizar - Morning Breeze

Akrapovic Titanium.

Equipement Personnel:
Casque AGV Pista Gp R
Combinaison Ixon Vortex
Gants Ixon Rs Circuit Hp
Chaussure Dainese Torque D1

Equipement Son \u0026 Video \u0026 Logiciel
Caméra Gopro Hero 7 black
Prise son: Zoom H2N
Photo: Nikon D5100
Logiciel de montage: Final Cut Pro X
The Devil 06 : Le retour !!!
cristian821987 : Are you ok bro? Long time no upload.
han z : Very fast world :D
It wasn’t Me : Great roads ,great scenery & great riding on a superb bike, put it all together an make a phenomenal video for us to enjoy, I salute you to ask I’m liking the leg bag what make is it & where did you get... I need one
PEKO NEKO DAYO : At the tires shop:
"Yeah i need new back tires"
"Ok, do you also want to change the front one?"
"No need, it's never used"
Raphgabriel Vitangcol : nice riding bro! nice video! ride safe!
Kurt Kuchen : Akra complete? Decat?
Rares Popovici : Who is this little man ?
D.J.EBAZAPELO : MT10 is one of the best products that came out from Yamaha, nice riding.
Gary K : this is gold!




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